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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Holliday Lights Around the World

Fireworks illuminate the world's biggest floating Christmas tree on Dec. 5, in the opening ceremony at Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Christmas lights illuminate the Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona, Spain. Christmas decorations glow in the old town of Vienna, Austria. The city was lit up on Nov. 27, in anticipation of the holidays. A Christmas tree with lights and fireworks are displayed during the holiday season at the Reforma Avenue in Mexico City, on Dec. 5. The artificial Christmas tree measures 367 feet at its highest point. Pedestrians make their way underneath the Christmas lights on Oxford Street shortly after their official switching on on Nov. 3, in London, England. The two main retail streets in London's West End of Oxford Street and Regent Street had a joint switching on ceremony by actors Jim Carrey and Colin Firth. People gather around the Children's Museum which is decorated with Christmas lights in San Jose, Calif., on Dec. 1. More than 50

18 Places to Feel Dwarfed by Nature

1. Uluru, Australia The massive rock - a.k.a. Ayers Rock - is climbed by 250 every day, despite pleas from local indigenous groups to refrain from doing so. 2. Diving with whale sharks The whale shark is the world's largest fish species and can grow to be longer than 40 feet. This shot was taken off Christmas Island, Australia, in January 2005. 3. Cotopaxi, Ecuador This volcano just south of Quito reaches an elevation of 5,897m (19,347ft) - often higher than the clouds. 4. Redwood country, California Taken in Stout Grove, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park 5. Sea Kayaking, solo Big water, small boat. Shot taken walking the Southwest Coast Path from Land's End to Plymouth, England. 6. Great Ocean Road, Australia The coast along one of the world's most spectacular roads is also good for a walk. 7. Ponoras Cave, Romania Things can get large underground too. Here, spelunkers from CSA explore "Mammoth Hall" in Romania's Transylvania region. The light trail was prod

Bridge water flows into river

The first picture of the photos below has holes that can be seen on the road of the bridge. These holes are present to let water that settles on the bridge to run through the troughs which lead to drain pipes that are used to lead the water into the river. The bridge is old and not in the best of conditions and this is done to avoid more weight from being settled into the structure. The water does not settle and does not cripple the structure more than it already is. This design of installing holes to remove water formation is known as deformation seam and is mainly done to avoid thermal stains on the bridge. The bridge is made up of several segments and is slightly deformed because of the temperature differences and the vibrations from the vehicles that run on top of it.