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Amazing Hyper-Realist Still Life Painters

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high resolution photograph. Hyperreal paintings and sculptures are not strict interpretations of photographs, nor are they literal illustrations of a particular scene or subject. Instead, they utilize additional, often subtle, pictorial elements to create the illusion of reality. We present below sample work from some of the best hyper-realist painters out there. Roberto Bernardi Roberto Bernardi was born in Todi in 1974. His first works date from the mid eighties, and whilst a young student he dedicated himself to the study of Renaissance painting and pictorial technique, which later proved to be extremely important in the development of his personal creativity. In 1993 he moved to Rome, where he worked as a restorer in the church of San Fransesco a Ripa. After this experience, he dedicated himself full time to the creation of his own hyper-realist works. Eric Christensen Christensen began to develop his interest in painti