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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Edward Kwong - Ilustraciones

Recojo una muestra de los trabajos de esta artista canadiense " Edward Kwong ", si te gustan y quieres ver más pásate por su web.

14 Smoking Accessories That Nobody Should Own

First up, we have this double-barrel cigarette holder. Makes perfect sense, right? You've got two lungs, gotta have two cigarettes. Of course if you used this I don't think you'd have two lungs for very long… Whole Cigarette Factory Contained in Single Tobacco Can I'm not entirely sure that's tobacco he's rolling up there. Remote Smoking Apparatus This one is actually kind of neat, but it'd probably be better for smoking something else… Ash Tray Fits Cigarette Dude, just get an ashtray. Or don't. It seems like you'd end up grabbing the end of the cigarette and the weight of this thing would break your cigarette in half. Invalid "Fed" Cigarettes on a Stick Thank god someone has solved the age old problem of how to smoke in a hospital bed when both of your arms are broken! And people say nicotine isn't addictive? Wrist Lighter How on earth is this actually easier than a normal lighter? Pipe Holster If you thought cell phone ho

White Translations of Famous Blaxploitation Quotes