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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Tara Dougans

Make your own Ceiling Cat!

15 Elegant and Creative Ways to Maximize Space Under Your Stairs

We've seen a lot of indoor arrangements where the space under the stairs is completely neglected. This usually happens because the owners fear not to overcrowd the living room or hallway. In this post we would like to present 15 creative and elegant ways on how to effectively use the space under your stairs without "damaging" your home's appearance. In fact, we think the ideas below will help improve the overall design of the rooms where they are put to practice. If you are living in a small crib and feel the need for more space, you might consider improvising a bookcase, a home office or an entertaining area. We particularly like the cozy extendable bed in the first photo, which could turn out to be a good solution when receiving guests. The aquarium and fireplace are two other original methods of making the most out of the area beneath the stairs. Check out the photos for more inspiration and if you guys have any more ideas, we would love to read them.

5 Classic Political Fight Videos

When politicians gather for a meeting you simply never know what's going to happen. Out of nowhere someone might yell the line "you lie!" and cause a complete stir that might eventually lead to a party getting completely screwed. On other occasions it can get much worse than that. In fact, it can lead to physical fights. And while I certainly don't recommend the U.S. Senate resorting to violence, it's pretty entertaining nonetheless. Here are five classic political fighting videos 1 Czech Politicians Fight I mean the guy is just standing there. Thank God a fight ensued. 2 Korea is Awesome Oh yeah it is. 3 The World's Best Fighter in Taiwan I guess doing a sit down protest isn't the greatest move. 4 Dont Mess with a Judo Master That's like something out of Street Fighter! 5 Nigerian Politicians Attack