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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Protests Around the World (50 pics)

A New Landmark In Taiwan : Floating Observatories Tower

The Taiwan Tower Conceptual Design competition has been won by Romanian Architect Stefan Dorin, Mihai Carciun, and Upgrade.Studio. It is a landmark building in Taichung to celebrate the merger between Taichung County and Taichung City. This 300 meter tall tower is going to be a new landmark in this country. Although it will be much shorter than the famous 508 meter Taipei 101 skycraper, "Floating Observatories" will still become the tallest structure in Taichung, Taiwan's 3rd largest city. The building has been designed to resemble a tree with its 8 floating observatories. Each observatory acts as a lift to carry up to 80 people. It moves up and down just like leaves on its branches. The architects said that the observatories would be built from a space age lightweight material and glide on a vertical track positioned within a strong electromagnetic field. Floating Observatories tower will contain a museum, offices, restaurants, and also an urban park. Designer : Stefan D