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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

True Bikers (39 pics)

These are the photos of real bikers with many tattoos and that "piercing" look.

Extreme Tanning

Incredible Residence Villa Colani (34 pics)

This "Villa Colani" with 10,700 square-feet of living space behemoth of a house worth $28 million, is now my dream residence. It was designed by Luigi Colani (Germany) and built in Spain. It introduces beautiful views, gorgeous interior and exterior, spectacular location and many other amazing details you can find inside this post. This work of art is located in the Nova Santa Ponsa area. Staying in this villa, one can spend days and nights viewing breathtaking shore of the sea and the Malgrats Islands. There are many paintings by famous artists inside, more than 1,230 square feet of 24-carat gold, which weighed more than 60 pounds and is worth more than $1 million, 5 superb bedroom suites with Jacuzzi baths, two pools, a security room, a 7-car garage and even offices. This place is a real dream.