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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Beautiful images of airplanes breaking the sound barrier. F/A-18F F-18 F-22 Raptor F/A-18F Spase Shuttle Atlantis F-16 Fighting Falcon F-15 Eagle

20 Best iPhone Home Improvement Apps to Help you Do it Yourself

Have you ever been in the home improvement store wishing you had all the measurements for your do it yourself project handy? Have you been in the middle of your project at home and found you can't find a protractor, ruler and leveler? The iPhone has changed the way we look at our everyday world, and home improvement apps are bigger than ever. There are over 250,000 apps out there. We pulled together 20 of the best iPhone home improvement apps that have helped us, let us know if you have any to add to the list! Sherwin Williams paint selector iPhone app 1.) Dream Home: , Dream Home Free: Rated 4 stars, $2.99, FREE: If you need inspiration for color, style, room and design help, the Dream Home app gives you a multitude of full color photos in varying home categories to choose from. Worldwide designers have contributed inspiration photos to help you have ideas in hand to share with your home improvement, designer or sales person to get your point across. No more clipping magazin

Fun with Geometry (50 pics)