Saturday, November 6, 2010

curious soap

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Beautiful and Strange Nature-Designed Formations (17 pics)

Rainbow and Cracked Fairy Chimney

Unusual landscapes in central Turkey

Dead Man - Sleeping Giant

This rock formation is located near the Blasket Island, off the coast of Ireland

Indian Head

This amazing red stone face of an Indian chief can be found in the Colorado Rockies. He keeps a watchful eye as man tears up the Earth

Witch's Face

This cool natural rock is decorating Laguna Beach

Building Blocks

Amazing stone formations found in Peru

Australian Heart

Found at Ayers Rock, Australia, this indentation in the rock looks like a red heart

Ancient Walls and Building Blocks

Magnificent rocks found in Scotland, near the eastern coastline of the Caithness district

Giant's Causeway

Beatiful stepping stones that lead into the sea in Northern Ireland

The Old Man of the Mountain

This Great Stone Face can be found in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Stone Forest

It can be spotted via satellite in Varna, Bulgaria


This strange rock formation is found near Gujarat India

Moeraki Boulders

Along the coast of New Zealand, overly large and spherical boulders lie scattered on Koekohe Beach

Fairy Chimneys

Jutting volcanic rock formations found in Cappadocia, Turkey, seem to create mystical Fairy Chimneys for as far as the human eye can see

Underwater Arena

This ancient underwater treasure was found by divers in Japan

Strange Natural Formations

Although this mossy rock appears to have man-made rectangular patterns on top, this phenomena is actually nature fooling the eyes of man yet again

Natural Sphinx

It is located in Hingol National Park, Pakistan

Fearsome Witch

Stone formations found in Kazakhstan

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