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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

10 Actors Originally Considered For Famous Movie Roles

Being a famous Hollywood actor requires making extremely tough decisions on a daily basis. There are certain days when they have to decide whether to tell their personal assistant to get soy or non-fat milk in their peppermint latte. Other days they have to decide if that want to take a three-month vacation on their own private island or open another vineyard in the South of France. Having to make these types of tough decisions every single day can become extremely stressful so it's easy to understand why famous Hollywood actors occasionally make some bad choices. #10 Will Smith (Neo In The Matrix) - Will Smith passed on the role of Neo saying thatThe Matrix was a "difficult concept to pitch." Then the Fresh Prince added a little insult to injury and decided to star in I, Robot instead. #9 Jim Carrey (Dr. Evil In Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery) - According to IMDB, Carrey was originally cast as Dr. Evil but had to leave the film because of a scheduling confl

The Circle Mirror of Water Life

This mirror right here is designed to show you the amount of water you use on the daily, on the monthly, and on the yearly. LED colored lights adorn the rims of this delightful mirror, their colors being set in place by the amount of water that runs through the sink it is attached to. And if you're feeling like you'd like a big brother mirror function, it can control the amount of water you're allowed to use! The mirror sees what you do! You can set it so that once you get to a certain point in your water usage, the water is limited. Warm and cool colors in varying intensities show the amount you've used, and icons depicting helpless children and animals with numbers showing their struggles appear at the four poles of the glass. This is a product I'd put under a "righteous guilt" category. For reals. Designer: Jin Kim