Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 Sexiest Babes From Dancing With The Stars

Watching a man dance is a horrifying thing but if he's got a beautiful women in a skimpy dress dancing next to him it kinda makes up for it. While I can honestly say that I've never watched one episode of Dancing With Stars in my entire life, I think the key to watching the show is to focus on the hot girl dancing in a low-cut dress. If you don't and lose focus for one second you're going to see a has-been actor or athlete dancing and nobody needs to see that.
#10 Willa Ford - The self-proclaimed "Bad Girl of Pop" took her bad girl act onto the third season of DWTS. Willa was eliminated in the 5th week of the show and returned to doing the bad girl stuff that she normally does.

#9 Julianne Hough - The only two-time winner of DWTS, Julianne competed with her boyfriend Chuck Wicks. Julianne also hold the record for "worst boyfriend schmoopy talk" on a reality television series.

#8 Rachel Hunter - The former SI swimsuit model is officially a reality TV addict appearing in over six reality shows to date including DWTS. Oh, and did I mention how much I hate Rod Stewart's music?

#7 Shannon Elizabeth - Shannon competed in the sixth season of DWTS and apparently got a little feisty with the judges when she was elminated. So that means she's a hot chick who likes to play poker who has a feisty side... you know, the perfect woman.

#6 Shandi Finnessey - The fomer Miss USA 2004 competed in the 2007 season of DWTS and was eliminated in the second week of the competition. Shandi can now be seen on reruns of the highest rated game show "Lingo" on the Game Show Network with Chuck Woolery. I think we all know why it's the highest rated show on GSN and it's not because Woolery wears tight pants.

#5 Stacy Keibler - Staci shook the best booty in the entertainment business during the second season of DTWS. Unfortunately she refused to do the Rump Shaker or the Tootsie Rool and I think it cost her the championship.

#4 Brooke Burke - Brooke temporarily broke the hearts of bikinis all over the world when she took a bikini break and won the seventh season of DWTS. Now if we can only find a way to convince ABC to do a Dancing With The Stars: Bikini Nights spinoff we just might have a dance show worth watching.

#3 Joanna Krupa - Joanna is appearing on this season of DWTS and we can only hope she somehow manages to get into a fist fight with Chuck Liddell and officially end his fighting career.

#2 Josie Maran - One of the hottest supermodels in the history of planet universe, Josie was part of the first couple eliminated from the 2007 season of DWTS so she could back to letting people take hot pictures of her for a living.

#1 Kelly Monaco - The former Plaboy Playmate and star of the greatest Playboy lifeguard photo shoot I have ever seen won the first season of DTWS. Kelly then decided to continue dancing and starred in Peepshow, a burlesque show where she plays "Bo Peep" a precocious character who discovers her sexuality throughout the show. Makes perfect sense to me.

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