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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

IX Transfer System to move the disabled in short distances

Intended toward physically disabled people, the "IX" is a short-distance transfer system to move them from one place to another with greater ease. Designed by a bunch of designers, including Tan Liren, Tan Jun Yuan and Lim Yi Xiang, the mobility aid alleviates the physical stress on the attendant through the inclusion of a pivoting action, which shifts the weight to move the patient. Ideal for public places such as a hospital, the transfer system not only reduces the assistance required by the disabled but also reduces the stress on the caretakers. Positioned in front of the seating of the user, the IX switches to the lift mode to lift and get the patient onto it to move him/her from one room to another with minimum fuss. The mobility aid also switches to the release mode to slide the patient onto chair, bed or even toilet seat. Moreover, it includes a breaking system, which keeps it stable while placing or lifting the user. [ Cheers Liren ]

it´s FARC

Egypt from XIX

clique aqui

Unusual Places to build a bird nest - 14 Pics