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10 Biggest Female Celebrity Ho Ho Hoes!

The following 10 female celebrities are naughty and never nice. They've been on Santa's naughty list for quite some time by taking celebrity hoeing to a whole new level. Men kinda have to respect them because If there weren't hoes in the world, we'd have no way of making all the good girls feel bad for not being one too. Also because we have to be hoes because it's built into our DNA.

#10 Kendra Wilkinson - When Kendra's not posing for naked pictures, she's usually naked on her reality show. And when she's not naked doing either of those things, she's releasing old sex tapes. That's a ho fo sho!

#9 Winona Ryder - Is it Ryder or "ride her?" Winona has been a sexual right of passage for almost every upcoming male celebrity star for the last two decades with over 30 known male celebrities hook ups to date... that the media knows about.

#8 Snooki - Anytime you get arrested for being drunk and you're wearing a t-shirt that says "slut" I'd say that pretty much seals the deal of officially becoming a hoe

#7 Tila Tequila - Let's see, there's the leaked sex tape, her bisexual MTV reality show and the don't forget the Juggalos incident. Yes, you know you've crossed the hoe line when a bunch of dudes throw stuff at you when you're topless on stage.

#6 Kim Kardashian - Kim may still be in denial, but the only reason she is famous because she made sex tape that was "accidentally" leaked online. That must be why both her and Ray J talked to the camera the whole tape saying stuff like "hey everybody." Since then Kim has become an NFL player and Hollywood actor amusement ride.

#5 Tara Reid - Tara is the pefect example of what happens when a hoe can't control your level of hoeing in Hollywood. Tara was passed around so much in the early 2000's that her body and face now resemble an old catcher's mitt.

#4 Lindsay Lohan - It doesn't seem like long ago that we all knew the innoncent young and hot Ms. Lohan. Since then she's aged faster than a banana and been plowed more than an Iowa corn field.

#3 Ke$ha - Over the last six months, Ke$ha has released photos of herself online with man juice on her stomach and random dude going down on her. And only hoes get busted for pissing in public sinks.

#2 Paris Hilton - It sucks to include Paris in any Manofest list but there a certain lists you simply can't leave her off of. This includes lists about celebrity skanks, people who are wasting air we could all be breathing and female celebrities who probably smell like mayonnaise in the crotch region.

#1 Sienna Miller - It sucks to put Sienna at the #1 slot because she's so damn hot but Sienna has hooked up with every male co-star she's ever worked with she's topless more than a bottle of ketchup at Denny's. And you know you're officially become a full-blown hoe when somoene spray paints "slut" on the side of your house.

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  1. i'll take "top 10 bitches we wish would just disappear for $100 alex"

  2. For $100 you could probably collect the set!

  3. never useful and gets old so hoes go to hell